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Legal Notice

The Board is responsible for the web presence of ProTiDe e.V..

Before we integrate a link we examine its content. However, we cannot track changes and the links may change frequently. Therefore, ProTiDe e.V. expressly dissociates itself from the content of all linked websites as we have no influence on their content and do not claim ownership to this content.  If ProTiDe e.V. refers to websites whose content is a cause for complaint, please notify us.


The board of ProTiDe e.V. consists of:
Dr. Tanja Hetzer, Chairman
Aiko Karaschewitz
Kristina Loge


Welcome picture: Im Fluss, Angelique Eckstein
Portrait Tanja Hetzer: Nicole Doge
Other portraits: private
Palmleaf photo: Jens Bobzin
all remaining photos on this website are made by Achim Goeres.
Translation: Olga Heismann and Kristina Loge

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