The board of ProTiDe e.V. consists of:

Dr. Tanja Hetzer


Kristina Loge

Member of the board

Former Board Member

Dr. Achim Goeres (2012-2018), Hildegard Mackert (2012-2019), Aiko Karaschewitz (2020-2021)

Other Members

Micha Bierwirth, Dr. Olga Heismann, Tina Krause, Katja Meister, Regina Mertin


ProTiDe e.V. is registered at the Berlin Charlottenburg district court under VR 31813B and is recognized as charitable by the tax office for corporations Charlottenburg.
Tax number 27/675/56666.

Here you will find the statute of ProTiDe e.V.

In Memoriam

Dr. Achim Goeres

was the initiator and co-founder of the association ProTiDe e.V. and was on the board and chairman from 2012-2018. After a long serious illness he died on 24.12.2018.


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