Exploring the Legacy of Polish-German Relationship 2011/12

The documentation of this intercultural Worldwork is available here: PDF (English)


ProTiDe e.V. is especially focussing in on options for working with relationships concerning far-reaching collective traumatic experiences. Over the last few years, we gained some insights with our German-Polish projects when meeting our neighbors and looking at the multiple traumas stemming from World War II and the Holocaust.

In cooperation with Hanuman Institute Berlin, ProTiDe is offering a special platform for Slowflow at the Process Work Days. Slowflow is a variation of Worldwork, further developed by Hanuman Institute Berlin which is specifically suitable for highly traumatized realms. Slowflow creates a ritualized frame which allows for slowing down the relationship work with traumatic violations even when interacting with a community. Being considerate of the non-verbal communication, especially of the bodily sensations, is important hereby.


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