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Our targets

ProTiDe is an association for the promotion of Deep Democracy. It promotes the deep understanding of democracy and the cooperation based on equal rights in our society and wants to contribute to the common welfare for all members of the society.

Our values

Freedom, equal rights and tolerance are the substantial values of our democratic basic order according to the German constitution. The inviolability of human dignity stands at the top of it. However, there is a big gap between these ideals and many areas of social reality, especially the economic world. ProTiDe e.V. tackles the task of working on a deep understanding of democracy and cooperation based on equal rights. The association considers the promotion and application of "deep democracy" in the framework of process oriented educational work in all social classes as the adequate approach to this task. We address particularly those people that carry managerial responsibility in the broadest sense. Deep democracy means the equal view not only of all people, but also all standpoints and forms of expression, that are part of human communities. Thus, the approach of "deep democracy" is particularly suitable for shaping the society in terms of an overall common welfare.

Foundation of ProTiDe e.V.

On April 24th, 2012 the seven founding members of the association (Micha Bierwirth, Miriam Epple, Dr. Achim Goeres, Olga Heismann, Dr. Tanja Hetzer, Kristina Loge und Hildegard Mackert) met in Schlossstr. 32, 14059 Berlin and enacted the foundation of the association ProTiDe e.V. The entry in the registry of associations followed on September 29th, 2012 and the association obtained the preliminary recognition as a charitable association.


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