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With FOCUS EMPATHY, ProTiDe e.V. launched a series of educational events. The beginning was marked by a seminar and a conference titled "Process work meets Science: Focus Empathy" which took place on April 20th - 22nd, 2013 in Berlin at Jerusalemkirche. In April 2016, ProTiDe is again inviting to a large public event within the series. This time the topic of "Diversity and Relationship" will be covered.

Empathy plays a key role in coping with global change, in our relationships, and in inner and outer healing. We gathered the scientific, psychological and process oriented perspectives and brought them into a dialogue. The seminar (days 1 and 2) allowed for experiencing the process work with Dr. Arnold Mindell, the founder of process oriented psychology, and his wife Dr. Amy Mindell. The participants had the opportunity to discover new things about themselves. On day 3 of the conference, international scientists and artists presented and discussed the state-of-the-art empathy research and invited the public to a panel discussion. The accompanying musical program gave space for sensual experience.

ProTiDe offered socially differentiated prices to allow the highest possible number of interested people to participate in the seminar and conference. German participants with low income qualified for the Social Tariff, while the Global Tariff was created for participants from economically underprivileged countries (especially Eastern Europe). With FOCUS EMPATHY, ProTiDe e.V. wants to establish a platform for the intercultural exchange about empathy and deep democracy.

Our truly fair pricing system proved its value and we will keep it going for the upcoming event.
The topic "Diversity and Relationship" became alarmingly current since the members of ProTiDe identified it as one of the focal points for the next few years. We are aware of the fact that by facilitating the Process Work Days from April 21st to 25th and the consistent implementation of its experiences of Deep Democracy, we will be responsibly contributing to the handling of social issues in Europe and beyond.

Please find more details about this event and the last event on www.focus-empathy.eu.


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