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Thanks to your support we are able to continue our series of events, promote projects that work on a deeper understanding of democracy and a cooperation based on equal rights within our society and thereby contribute to a common welfare that encompasses everyone.
In this way you also finance our scholarships for people from socially disadvantaged occupational fields or countries that are disadvantaged in the global economy who gain Process Work qualification in Germany.

There are two types of support:

  • One-time donation, which you can fill out directly in the form
  • A sustaining membership, the application can be found here

One-time donation:

Your donation is fully tax deductible; from Euro 50 onwards we will issue a donation receipt even without an explicit request.

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Your bank transfer is cost neutral for us while all other variants (PayPal) lead to costs at our expense. Please help us to keep costs low and use the direct bank transfer if possible.


PayPal payment is possible for an amount from Euro 50.00 onwards.

Guarantees: We will never pass your data to third parties. We respect your donation: Your money will be used only for the described purposes. Promise! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, ideally via e-mail to In case of an urgent request you can reach us by phone +49-(0)30 3983 4949.


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